Santa's Workshop

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Not very many people know this, as he is quite modest, but a member of Team Kipp is the mastermind behind the architectural design of Santa’s Workshop. Yes, you read that correctly.

Kipp Architecture’s very own Bradford Bond designed THE one and only Santa’s Workshop.

Santa Claus enlisted the help of Bradford Bond to design a facility that would meet his unique needs. “I had millions of prospects for the job, you know, since I know everyone.” said Santa in an article from the North Pole Press in 1996. “After reviewing the work of millions of architects and designers, it was clear that only Bradford has what it takes to design our new, state-of-the-art workshop.”

Brad often reminisces about the once in a lifetime experience during cocktail hour at the Kipp Architecture Studio. The rest of the team gathers ‘round to hear the tales straight from Santa’s little helper himself.

He shares stories of the many midnight rooftop pick-ups and the magical sleigh rides from Virginia to the North Pole to check the progress of construction. In fact, Brad admits he’s never witnessed such an efficient and productive workshop. Santa’s got things down to a science, but we suppose that’s to be expected after operating for hundreds of years.

St. Nick's’s original location in Myra didn’t offer the habitat necessary for his herd of reindeer as would the Arctic. There was also the need for isolation from corporate spying, and with the affordability of the real estate, the North Pole became the ideal location. Since 340 A.D. to the present day the Claus homestead has remained, but they outgrew their old shop. A new one was in need for the current century.

Construction, however, was a challenge.  The extreme conditions offered few choices for building materials. Brad said, “We found the climate too cold for sugar.  It became brittle with little structural integrity.  Whereas honey still had enough elasticity against the wind and snow loads and the honeycomb's R-value decreased the heat loss.”  An added benefit to the choice in materials is a stress free reindeer herd knowing that the local polar bear population are satisfied licking the perimeter walls.

As you scan the floor plans, be sure to check it twice or you’ll miss something special. It’s clear that Brad’s attention to detail is part of what landed him this job of a lifetime!

Merry Christmas from Team Kipp!

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Santa’s Helper, Bradford Bond, working with the Elves to finalize the workshop floor plans.

Santa’s Helper, Bradford Bond, working with the Elves to finalize the workshop floor plans.

Team Kipp celebrating the holidays next door at  Vine .

Team Kipp celebrating the holidays next door at Vine.