Future Architects visit Kipp Architecture


Team Kipp recently welcomed two groups of very special guests to the Studio: 3rd graders from Lancaster Primary School and 8th graders from Chesapeake Academy.

Our 3rd grade guests (all eightyof them!) have been learning about ways to measure, specifically using area and perimeter. What better way to understand the importance of measurements than through examples of buildings and spaces?

Architects Randall Kipp and Ivy Stroud explained conceptual drawings, models, renderings, and floor plans and how math, science, and imagination are required to become an architect. Many students expressed an interest in becoming an architect when they grow up.

Interior designer Lauren Davenport and architect Trent McBride showed the students models, renderings, and final photography to explain the architectural process from start to finish. They explained how architects and designers use perimeter, area, and other forms of measurement on a daily basis as they design homes and space plan interiors. There are lots of smart kids in our community. Perhaps we'll hire a few in 15 or 20 years!

A few days later, we had the privilege of spending time with Chesapeake Academy's Algebra I students. The kids have been working on a house-building project using algebraic skills including scale, ratios, proportions, measurements, compound interest and greater algebraic functions. Each eighth grader, acting as an architect for a second-grade client (how adorable is that?), developed plans for a "dream house" while staying within allotted budget. Second-grade client requests included things like hot tubs in bedrooms, climbing walls, a room full of chandeliers, and a unicorn-themed palace. 

The architects-in-training brought their models to our Studio to present their final project. Team Kipp, joined by architect Sarah Stanton and general contractor Joe Heyman, offered professional feedback to the students. We must say, we were very impressed with their creativity and attention to detail! Well done, Ospreys!

Check out these photos of our time with our special guests!